GUY Adam Tsuda

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Name(Kanji/Kana/Abecedarium Latinum)
GUY Adam Tsuda/ガイ アダム ツダ/Guy, Adam
Primary Affiliation(Org1/Job title)
Graduate School of Biostudies/Associate Professor
Org1 Job title
Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS)
Academic Degree
Field(Japanese) Field(English) University(Japanese) University(English) Method
Ph.D. University Of London
Language of Instruction
Language(japanese) Language(english) Code
英語 English eng
日本語 Japanese jpn
researchmap URL
External funds: competitive funds and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi)
Type Position Title(Japanese) Title(English) Period
基盤研究(C) Representative Investigation of the role of radial glia in regulating LysoPtdGlc required for nervous system development (2020年度分) 2020/04/01-2021/03/31
Teaching subject(s)
Name(Japanese) Name(English) Term Department Period
Basic Biology-E2 Basic Biology-E2 前期 全学共通科目 2021/04-2022/03
Basic Genetic Engineering-E2 Basic Genetic Engineering-E2 後期 全学共通科目 2021/04-2022/03
ILAS Seminar-E2:How to Read a Scientific Paper(英語 … ILAS Seminar-E2 :How to Read a Scientific Paper 前期 全学共通科目 2021/04-2022/03
Introduction to Genetics and Evolution-E2 Introduction to Genetics and Evolution-E2 後期 全学共通科目 2021/04-2022/03
Faculty management (title, position)
Title Period
情報発信・ホームページ委員会 委員 2021/04/01-
国際教育委員会 委員 2021/04/01-