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TECHASRIVICHIEN TEERANEE/テイシャシーウィチエン ティラニー/Techasrivichien, Teeranee
学位名(日本語) 学位名(英語) 大学(日本語) 大学(英語) 取得区分
修士(農学) Master of Science, Graduate School of Agriculture 京都大学 Kyoto University
博士(医学) Doctor of Medical Science, Graduate School of Medicine, School of Public Health 京都大学 Kyoto University
Teeranee obtained her Doctor of Medical Science from the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University with specialized training under the Department of Global Health and Socio-epidemiology, School of Public Health. The Department is also designated as “UNAIDS Collaborating Centre for Socio-epidemiological HIV Research”, where it employs the novel method of Socio-epidemiology* for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in various high risk groups such as injecting drug users, sex workers, men who have sex with men, young people, migrant workers, etc, in many countries. Apart from HIV/STIs prevention and sexual and reproductive health, she also has board interests in Global Health and the promotion of healthy lifestyle. Currently, she is affiliated with Department of Health Informatics, School of Public Health, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University and the Interdisciplinary Unit for Global Health, Kyoto University. She is also specially appointed by the School of Public Health to assist its global strategy. *Socio-epidemiology is a multidisciplinary approach, integrating epidemiology, biostatistics, mixed method approach, social marketing, behavioral science, communication science, quasi-experimentation and multiple sociological and philosophical perspectives.
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講義名(日本語) 講義名(英語) 開講期 学部/研究科 年度
グローバルヘルス通論 Global health 後期 全学共通科目 2018/04〜2019/03
グローバルヘルス通論 Global health 後期 全学共通科目 2019/04〜2020/03
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国際戦略アドバイザリ―ボード 委員 2018/10/01〜2020/03/31