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Name(Kanji/Kana/Abecedarium Latinum)
CRAVIOTOCABALLERO Jordi/クラビオツトカバイエロ ジヨルデイ/Jordi Craviotocaballero
Primary Affiliation(Org1/Job title)
Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE)/Program-Specific Assistant Professor
Academic Organizations You are Affiliated to in Japan
Organization name(Japanese) Organization name(English)
エネルギー資源学会 Japan Society of Energy and Resources
Academic Degree
Field(Japanese) Field(English) University(Japanese) University(English) Method
修士(エネルギー科学) MSc. Socio-Environmental Energy Science 京都大学 Kyoto University
博士(エネルギー科学) PhD. Socio-Environmental Energy Science 京都大学 Kyoto University
Language of Instruction
Language(japanese) Language(english) Code
日本語 Japanese jpn
英語 English eng
スペイン語 Spanish; Castilian spa
researchmap URL
External funds: competitive funds and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi)
Type Position Title(Japanese) Title(English) Period
若手研究 Representative Comparative studies of culturally-based characterisation of energy services (2019年度分) 2019/04/01-2020/03/31
Academic organizations (editor, editing team)
Organization name(Japanese) Organization name(English) Journal name(Japanese) Journal name(English) Title Period
EL COLEGIO DE SONORA Region y Sociedad Scientific Committee 2020/01/17-2021/01/17