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Name(Kanji/Kana/Abecedarium Latinum)
SANONI Paola/サノニ パオラ/Sanoni, Paola
Primary Affiliation(Org1/Job title)
International Strategy Office/Program-Specific Senior Lecturer/Program-Specific Junior Associate Professor
Academic Organizations You are Affiliated to in Japan
Organization name(Japanese) Organization name(English)
国際戦略本部 International Office of Strategy
Academic Degree
Field(Japanese) Field(English) University(Japanese) University(English) Method
修士(地域研究) Master's Degree in International Relations 筑波大学 University of Tsukuba
博士(政治学) Doctoral Degree in International Public Policy (Politics) 筑波大学 University of Tsukuba
Graduate School
University(Japanese) University(English) Faculty(Japanese) Faculty(English) Major(Japanese) Major(English) Degree
University of Queensland University of Queensland The University Staff Development Committee Graduate diploma 修了
ESAN Graduate School of Business  ESAN Graduate School of Business Specialization in Operations,Logistics and Technology Management Graduate diploma 修了
筑波大学 大学院人文社会科学研究科国際地域研究 修了
筑波大学 大学院人文社会科学研究科博士前期課程国際地域研究専攻 修了
筑波大学 大学院人文社会科学研究科博士後期課程国際公共政策専攻 修了
Undergraduate School / Major(s)
University(Japanese) University(English) Faculty(Japanese) Faculty(English) Major(s)(Japanese) Major(s)(English) Degree
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru   Pontifical Catholic University of Peru School of Business Administration and Accounting Business Administration and Accounting Business Administration 卒業
King Christ Catholic School  King Christ Catholic School High School 卒業
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Pontifical Catholic University of Peru School of Letters and General Studies Letters and General Studies 修了
Personal Profile
My current research focuses on impact and effects of internationalization of higher education and global citizenship education in the global market. I am a specialist in strategy design for international higher education. My role involves supporting the operation of North American Center (Washington DC) and oversee the region of Oceania (Australia & New Zealand). My previous experience working as a coordinator of the Trans-Pacific Human Capital Development Program at University of Tsukuba (Japan); the Office of Marketing and Communications at University of Queensland (Australia); and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in the process of international accreditation of higher degrees (ICACIT, ABET).
Language of Instruction
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School management (title, position)
Title Period
国際戦略アドバイザリ―ボード 委員 2018/10/01-2020/03/31