VILAYVONG Khonesavanh

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Name(Kanji/Kana/Abecedarium Latinum)
VILAYVONG Khonesavanh/ビライボン コンサワン/Khonesavanh Vilayvong
Primary department(Org1/Org2/Org3/Job title)
Contact address
Type Address(Japanese) Address(English)
Office 左京区北白川追分町 Kitashirakawa-Oiwakecho, Kyoto 606-850
E-mail address
vilayvong.khonesavanh.6n @
Affiliated academic organization(s) (Japanese)
Organization name(Japanese) Organization name(English)
地盤工学会 the Japanese Geotechnical Society
土木学会 the Japan Society of Civil Engineers
農業農村工学会 the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage, and Rural Engineering
Academic degree
Field(Japanese) Field(English) University(Japanese) University(English) Method
修士(工学) 九州大学
博士(工学) 九州大学
Fields of research (key words)
Key words(Japanese) Key words(English)
不飽和土質力学の応用に関する研究 Unsaturated soil mechanics
気候変動と地盤防災 Climate-related geotechnics
降雨により侵食 Rainfall-induced soil erosion
侵食と水流出特性に関する数値方法 Numerical methods for surface erosion and overland flow
環境影響評価 Environmental assessment
持続可能な発展 Sustainable development
Published Papers > Published Papers
Authors Title Bibliography Date Peer-Review Language
K. Araki, N. Yasufuku, K. Iwami, K. Okumura, K. Omine, and K. Vilayvong Arresting Rainfall-induced Red Soil Runoff in a Farmland by Inhibitory Adaptation Measures Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA,48,1,72-81 2017/03 Refereed English
Khonesavanh Vilayvong, Noriyuki Yasufuku, and Kiyoshi Omine Mitigating Rainfall-Induced Sediment Hazard and Soil Erosion Using Organic Amended Soil Improvement Journal of Disaster Research,11,6,1228-1237 2016/12 Refereed English
Khonesavanh Vilayvong, Noriyuki Yasufuku, and Ryohei Ishikura Rainfall-induced Soil Erosion and Sediment Sizes of a Residual Soil under 1D and 2D Rainfall Experiments Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences Journal,218,171-180 2016/05 Refereed English
K. Vilayvong, N. Yasufuku, and R. Ishikura Evaluation of rainfall erosivity and impact forces using strain gauges Journal of Lowland Technology International,17,4,207-214 2016/03 Refereed English
Rahardjo, H., Vilayvong, K., and Leong, E.C. Water Characteristic Curves of Recycled Materials Geotechnical Testing Journal,34,1,89-96 2011/01 Refereed English
Published Papers > International Society
Authors Title Bibliography Date Peer-Review Language
Khonesavanh Vilayvong, Noriyuki Yasufuku, and Phanthoudeth Pongpanya Evaluation of waterdrop impact soil detachment for a high suction-induced soil (in press) 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 2017/09 Refereed English
K. Vilayvong, N. Yasufuku, and K. Iwami Soil erosion characteristics of a residual soil under wetting-drying cycles Proceedings of the TC105 ISSMEGE International Symposium on Geomechanics from Micro to Macro,2,1461-1466 2014/08 Refereed English
Kohei Iwami, Kohei Araki, Noriyuki Yasufuku, and K. Vilayvong Characteristics of Red Soil Loss during Short Time Heavily Rain Proceedings of 7th International Joint Symposium on Problematic Soils and Geoenvironment in Asia,131-124 2011/11 Refereed English
Khonesavanh Vilayvong, Kiyoshi Omine, Noriyuki Yasufuku, and Hemanta Hazarika Infiltration and Hydraulic Behavior of Unsaturated Charcoal-Soil Mixtures Proceedings of the 2nd Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Unsaturated Soils,125-132 2011/09 Refereed English
Published Papers > Other
Authors Title Bibliography Date Peer-Review Language
Khonesavanh Vilayvong Rainfall-Induced Erosion for Unsaturated Soils and Preventive Measures Kyushu University, Japan 2016/03 Refereed English
Lectures > Invited Lectures
Title Conference name Organization name Date Language
Rainfall-induced soil erosion and sediment sizes of a residual soil with soil suction monitoring during heavy rainfall 11th International Conference of The International Institute for Infrastructure Resilience and Reconstruction (I3R2) : Complex Disasters and Disaster Risk Management 2015/08 English
Teaching subject(s)
Name(Japanese) Name(English) Term Department Period
ILAS Seminar-E2 ILAS Seminar-E2 前期 全学共通科目 2017/04-2018/03
ILAS Seminar-E2 ILAS Seminar-E2 後期 全学共通科目 2017/04-2018/03
Science on Water, Soil and Ecosystems-E2 Science on Water, Soil and Ecosystems-E2 後期 全学共通科目 2017/04-2018/03
Sustainable Forest Environment-E2 Sustainable Forest Environment-E2 前期 全学共通科目 2017/04-2018/03